"Did You All Know There's a Colored Boy on Your Christmas Card?"

Sunday, October 10, 2010

I loved The Blind Side. It was a great true story that translated so well as a movie, and a lot of that had to do with its dialog. It was snippy, quick, touching, poignant, and even funny. I laugh a lot at most movies, as my genre of choice is comedy, but this movie had one of the best laugh-out-loud lines that I've ever heard. It's good enough to even make my top 10.
Let me set this up for you: Michael Oher, the main character of this story, has joined the Tuohy family. That Christmas, the "conventional" Tuohys are taking a family Christmas photo when Leigh Anne, the matriarch, decides to bring Michael into the picture. Regardless of the fact that the rest of the family is dressed in a matching color scheme, and Michael, already out of place being both black and lineman-sized, is wearing an off-color scheme polo, this is the photo they send with their Christmas cards:

After the cards go out, the Tuohys get a voice message from their cousin Bobby that goes like this:
"This is Bobby, Happy New Years. Listen, I've had about five cold ones and, uh, I'm just going to go ahead and ask -- did you all know there's a....colored boy on your Christmas card?"

I could not stop laughing. There's only so many things you could say when being in a white Southern family and getting a Christmas card like that, and Cousin Bobby probably said the funniest thing possible. If you think you've got a better line for that situation, email me at jeremynelson1987@gmail.com or post in the Comments section!

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